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Maex Precision is an expert in machining composite parts

Composites is a large group of material consisting of a  mutiple layers materials.

They are mostly set up in a sandwich layered fashion. Elements can be for instance carbon- or glasfiber reinforced.
Inner elements can be honeycomb, “foams” or any other material.
Top layers with titanium are common, even copper meshes are used.

Client preform the parts and supplies these to Maex Precision. Maex Precision will then machine, trim the parts with all the correct dimensions and features.
These parts can be large. Dimensions up to 14 meters x 5 meters x 2,5 meters can be machined.

For the majority of these parts a special setup, clamping tool/setup is designed and produced by Maex Precision.

Maex Precision has experience in machining these composite parts for aerospace, defence, automotive, engineering and machinebuilding clients.


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composites JOBS