CNC Machining centres

  • 3-axis Milling
  • 5-axis Milling
  • Small to medium size series, complex parts

CNC lathes

  • Up to 10-axis lathes
  • Small to large size series, complex parts

CNC multitasking

  • 9-axis lathes with milling capabilities
  • 5 axis machining centres with turning capabilities
  • Highly complex parts in small to medium size series

Multi-spindle production

  • 6 and 8-spindle machines 18 to 24 axis
  • Mass production transfer technology, 10 to 12 station transfer machines
  • Very high production volumes, up to millions of parts

Added value 

In addition to milling and turning several other processes are performed internally and/or by associated partners with the necessary expertise and certification. Maex relies on long-standing partnerships with specialists for specific treatment and finishing processes.